Our current theme for submissions is "Find Your Voice". With that in mind, we would ask all potential writers to consider which piece of their writing best showcases their voice.

Chadron State College's art and literary journal, Tenth Street Miscellany, focuses on offering students a place to submit for publication. With that in mind, we limit submissions to undergraduate and graduate students. Submissions are not limited to the state of Nebraska. 

Hello Chadron State College Students! Tenth Street Miscellany is your student run literary and arts journal on the campus of Chadron State. We appreciate your consideration in submitting your work to our journal. 

We are currently accepting fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, critical essays, and art pieces. While you can submit to multiple genres, please submit only one piece of work to each genre. (No more than one collection of poems, one short non-fiction story, one fiction story,  one art piece, etc.)

Titles are required for all pieces, submissions should be no longer that 5,000 words, and all submissions should be double-spaced.

We prefer the submission of word documents for written pieces. However, PDF documents are permitted if changing the format would negatively affect the formatting of the text. 


Tenth Street Miscellany asks authors to refrain from submitting content involving gratuitous depictions of graphic violence or explicit sexual content. If these things are included your submission, they will still be considered. However, the board will examine whether their inclusion serves to develop artistic voice, plot, resolution, etc. Submissions including bestiality, pedophilia, or necrophilia will be rejected posthaste.

 Tenth Street Misc. does accept simultaneous submissions. In the event that your work is accepted elsewhere, please inform us as soon as possible. Also, only previously unpublished works will be considered for publication.  


The name of the author should not appear anywhere on the submitted document or in the file name. If this information is included then your submission will AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE A REJECTION.  In your cover letter please list that you are a Chadron State College student, your name, your school email address, your class standing, a biographical statement, and a short (no more than 200 words) abstract of your piece. The entire cover letter should not be longer than 400 words.

Tenth Street Miscellany